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Tuesday, 2 February 2010
♥ 3:17:00 am

都不是。。有试过一个小时都在打电话的吗?连冲凉都不放弃的狂打。。一直打到“the number you have dialled is NOT IN SERVICE; nombor yang anda dial TIADA DALAM PERKHIDMATAN; 真抱歉,您拨的号码并不存在”。。。对,我就是倒背如流!我不明白为什么号码不存在?存心让我找不到你?我很担心又有谁知道?去到你家门前,听到的只是麻将声,这时又有谁知道我的难受?我根本不被在乎。在乎的话根本不是这样的表现。。要好好对你真的很难,很难!每次决心想对你好,你总是打击我的信心,总是说难听的话,既然你都把我看成这样,那我何必还对你好?说真的,觉得我不好就不要跟我在一起可以吗?一个不被欣赏的女人从里到外都不会漂亮。我不要变成那种女人,而且我不是!



。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 3:17:00 am

Sunday, 15 November 2009
I love my dog!
♥ 1:40:00 pm

I cannot see my dog being bullied! Why would she deserved to be shouted like 过街老鼠? I don't understand why would my dad shout at her everytime he sees her? I think it's a childish act wtf! She actually lives in agony you see? I wanna bring her out of this kind of life! Today I have made up my mind, decided to bring her to Malacca and stay at ZS' house. This does not mean her miserable life will end there. But at least I get to see her everyday if I want to lar. Ginny, don't worry, Mummy will go visit you everyday k? She is supposed to be a dog kept in house, but I have no choice have to leave her outside again (though it's against my will), since it's not my house and his housemates may not like her as well. So, here you go Ginny, I brought you a new life, hope you adapt it well and be obedient k? You are always lovely in mummy's eyes :) You outsiders would not know how loving she is when she sees me. Greet me like countless times without feeling bored. I can see from her eyes, they tell me "Mummy show some love to me!" She is just as manja as I do, the difference is just that no one replies my manja, unlike me, I will at least pat her head and start brushing through her fur. I love her very much (when she is not naughty, in fact she was never naughty to me, just being playful like other kids, I kid you not kids these days can be mischievous x10000000000000000000000 no longer like our times k? I know it because I was a kindergarten teacher who got bullied till I cried. embarrassment!) Anyway, I look forward to this new life of Ginny! Please, everyone please sayang her to the max ok? She is so lovely if you get to know her more, and trust me she knows who treats her bad and good! So be good to her ok? :) She will love you more than you love her one, but she will still love me the most! ❤

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 1:40:00 pm

Saturday, 14 November 2009
it hurts to make a decision.
♥ 1:05:00 am

I don't want to give you away. But all I heard about you were only complaints, never-ending complaints. Everytime when this occurred, I always had mixed feelings. You are only annoying to my family, you just could not be a part of them. The reason is just that you destroyed, you did not contribute; you annoyed, you did not create happiness; you created noises, never had they think you brought joy. It is very heart-arching when beating you, it hurts my heart just like how hurt you are on the skin. I felt like teaching a child, a rebellious one. I always told myself, you are still young to understand human's language; still too young to be obedient; all sorts of reason for you to be naughty and mischievous. I cannot afford to sacrifice more high heels as your toys. Both heels were my mum's favourite and preference heels, but now they could not be worn because of you. I totally understand when one loses her favourite belongings especially shoes. My dad has hung a pair of the heels around your neck, it hurts my heart but I insisted because I thought you'd learn from your previous mistake, but you disappointed me tonight, it did not work as a reminder for you. There is nothing I can do, I feel so helpless, do you know? How would you know? If you knew it, you would not create this kind of troubles. Looking into your tearful eyes, they told me you knew you were wrong, you did not avoid when I beat you so hard, you whined sometimes. You looked so innocent with your big eyes staring, it makes me felt like I wrongly blamed you. When will you learn? You are 7 months old, I can no longer pamper you like you were 1 month old, so tiny. I am so grateful you are a small sized dog, just like how I expected you to be when I got you. Although you are not as cute as before, you are still lovely to me; always chased and jumped around when I was in sight, always alert when I called your name, always gave me your paw to greet me. I am sorry I cannot provide you a proper shelter. Anyhow I am not going to give you away. When you were so young, I used to slap you because you whined too much, I could not have proper sleeping time, always awake to take care of you because you were fear of darkness, but watching you sleep on my laps securely just could not be described in words. Sometimes, out of anger I shouted, "you are just a dog!". I am ashamed. When you learnt how to bark, it was headache, you tend to bark non stop, the habit remains till now, but I believed you barked when you saw something invisible to us. I remembered there was once I threw you out of the house shouting "I don't want you anymore!" you stood still and attempting to get in, I brought you even farer, when my mum asked you in, you stood far and refused to come back until she carried you, maybe you knew you did not deserve treatment like this. There was another time, you ran out with Doggie, you ran to a neighbour's gate, he opened it and you wanted to sneak in, were you thinking to get a new master who can treat you better? Maybe you were. I were ashamed of myself. I cannot just give you away, because we have special bonding. When I was beating you just now, you came near me seeking protection from me. You do not do this to others, only to me, from this I know you trust me, although I could hardly see you, I know you can still recognize me as your master because we have this unique bonding other won't have with you. I learn to know how my mum felt upon beating me when I was still young. This is the time I should really think for your future.

Mummy loves you, Ginny!

1st picture of yours, credit goes o Crystal

When I first saw you, I fell in love with you.

1st shower at Nic's place. Thanks, Nic and Crystal :)

Wrapped to keep you warm

Sleeping in your house

You were not even my lappie size, so tiny!

Gathering with friends :)

You were so sleeeeeeeeepy
You used to sleep like there was no tomorrow!

He enjoyed playing with you

He adores you more than I do

Special shot of you

You looked shy and insecure when I first brought you back to Muar

My favourite picture of yours

You were so tiny I could even carry you with 1 hand

You still looked cute when you were sleeping

Xiao Xi loves you too!

When you were 3 months old

Prohibited to come into living room, you looked sad

You have big ears ;)

You looked like a lamb in this picture

Playing with Uncle Doggie

Talking to Doggie

You looked like a plush toy

When you were 6 months old

Looking smart!


You have a long tongue just like I do
Like mother, like daughter ;)
Pointy ears when alert


You love me more than I love you.

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 1:05:00 am

Friday, 25 September 2009
♥ 12:34:00 am

Today I am super emo, just like my title!
Don't ask me why, because I myself do not know!

Went and ate my beloved beef nasi beriani, should be contented because God knows when I last ate it. Somemore with my beloved bf. The feeling was just not right.

Came back from work, I saw 3 parcels awaiting me to unwrap them. Should be excited like hell but I just could not be myself. (still play with them like they were my new toys because I super love lip glosses these days!)

Then watched 星光5 [荣誉]. Again, God knows what went wrong in me, I felt like crying upon hearing each song they sang. Not that touching actually. Did not touch my heart though, but the feelings just came up to me. I hold my treasured tears because it was nothing to cry for! siao, super emo lar! By the way, I like Olivia Ong :) Then got addicted to Olivia, started playing her songs from 8pm to 12am? Lol, this is just me, would play the same song/ album repeatedly if I like it for that very moment! Speechless, huh?

Then ZS called me up, informing me he was going with his former schoolmates, that was 8.40pm. There he went missing until 12.19am I started to worry and rang him. Okay, he was on his way going home fetching another friend. This is the first time I actually did not get moody over him going out with his friends, leaving me alone at home. I seriously think I have grown. When he got home, he called me and it was very unhappy. He said I talked nonsense, I was just asking "all boys ar?" Anything wrong meh? Unless he was hiding something lor. Don't care lar! Fuck it, like I care!

I am already very emo for the WHOLE day, now he even pissed me with that "nonsense" issue. What is his problem?! But I did not raise my voice or what, because I already promised myself to change, so I cannot be so easily defeated one lor! Then I thought of a good way to 发泄, so I am here blogging again. Express my feelings here is better than shouting at him right, readers? Now I feel like crying again. I just don't know why! Can someone please tell me why am I so emotionally unstable today? Just feeling very sad inside, is it a sign to bad incidents? Please God, I want everyone around me to be happy, please use your power to stop anything bad from happening.

Anyway, thanks baby for fetching me these few days. Only a few days more, ok? Bear with it, please. Love you :)

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 12:34:00 am

Saturday, 19 September 2009
♥ 1:30:00 am

Went back to Malacca with ZS in the afternoon just now. Definitely not my day. It just sucks!

All the incidents just happened without expecting, ended up quarrelling. Actually not quarrelling, he never intended to quarrel, neither did I. It was my attitude problem and some communication problems, but I believe it's not me alone, partially his fault too. I choose not to go into details. Anyway, we ended up with angry parting. I was angry, he was angry. I showered him with my sarcasm; he repaid me with "tu..tu.." over the phone. We are not the same person like how we started our chemistry. So different now. We both just want face. No one is willing to lose. And we are not talking to each other. He did not contact me, neither did I. I wanted to call but ... ... I chose not to because I know you need to calm down and did not wish to talk to me.

I tried hard, very hard to treat him very nicely these 4 days. Okay, I know! It was just freaking 4 days. Compared to the past 2 years, I was shouting at him almost everyday. We cannot live in peace one. I seriously showed my efforts even he did not give me something in return. I guess I have hurt him too much, way too much! He could have acted normally and being not appreciative; I don't mind, seriously. But the sentence just destroy all my faith and confidence. I want encouragements, in fact I need them to make changes. I need them to motivate me to becoming a better person. I need them to improve my real personality deep inside of me. I really really do. But you just gave me the opposite one.

I seriously wanna make changes to save this relationship because I care. It hurts when you do not see a future with your current partner. When you don't see him as your lifetime partner, it's even worse. What's the point being together now right? Time and youth consuming.

This was the first night I actually drove out to seek calmness. Sad, alone, being left were the words attacking me. In this one and a half hour, I have learned a lot from my lovely housemate since Alpha, one of my favourite girlfriends in my uni life. She taught me a lot of principles I predicted wrongly in the past. I am really grateful, thank God I have you. If not you, I would not know these new stuffs that supposed to be general knowledges to me. If not you, I would not know how to face this all alone. If not you, I would not have enlightened. If not you, I would still be miserable.

I am willing to learn, baby.
Are you willing to accept the new me?
Are you willing to believe in me again?

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 1:30:00 am

Monday, 31 August 2009
I am back!
♥ 1:49:00 am

I am back! I AM BACK!

just went through all the troubles to recover my passwords. yes, i forgot my password. dun blame me lar, see how long I've not logged in already. I wonder is there anyone still remember this blog. anyway, I promised myself to continue maintaining this blog with sharing my wonderful life!

Stay tuned!


。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 1:49:00 am

Monday, 8 September 2008
♥ 12:29:00 pm

On the 8th of August, we celebrated 3cai's 21st birthday at carry on steamboat, after that we headed to the long bridge at PORTUGUESE VILLAGE/PORTUGUESE SETTLEMENT, I believed those who's Malaccan studying in Malacca should know, because PS is famous of the long bridge and open house during Christmas. Too bad, today I am not writing any "tourism" post or whatever which praise PR but I write this post to warn/inform everyone about my bad experience there.

stay tuned!

i will update after m y test

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 12:29:00 pm

Monday, 30 June 2008
Free Movies at GSC Dataran Pahlawan
♥ 2:08:00 am

Prior to opening of GSC Dataran Pahlawan, the public will be privileged to check out the new multiplex in the 5th floor, Phase 2, Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall as the cinema will be screening movies for free for five (5) consecutive days starting this Saturday, June 28 - July 2, 2008 (Wed).

Movie fans in Malacca can look forward to catch past blockbuster movies like “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”, “Fool’s Gold”, “Azhagiya Tamil Magen” (Tamil), “Congkak” (Malay), “Speed Racer”, “My Wife is Gambling Maestro” (Chinese), “Evolusi KL Drift” (Malay), “The Forbidden Kingdom”, “The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep” and “Horton Hears A Who”.

Each person is only entitled to maximum of four tickets per redemption and the redemption exercise will start June 28 (Sat) onwards. Redemption of the free tickets is limited to the movies on the same day of redemption only. No advance redemption will be entertained.

Besides the free movies, the public can also look forward to fun activities and freebies during the opening weekend of GSC Dataran Pahlawan (July 3 – 6).

To get the free screening coupon and the schedules, click here. Enjoy, everyone! Hope this entry is not too late! You can start dating your love ones and enjoy with them!

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 2:08:00 am

Monday, 23 June 2008
Sharon has Turned 20 on 1st June 2008
♥ 6:57:00 am

20 years old. In my mind, there's one word - Old. 2nd stage of my life given by my parents. Scary? Panic? Excited? Indeed, mixed feelings. Nothing special this year, normal celebration like every previous years.

On 31st May, baby brought me out to a normal cafe. He wanted to bring me to Tanjung (a place famous for pat toh back in my hometown) and give me a surprise, I just do not know why - fear filled me, maybe when people's getting older, their face skin would become thinner - PAISEH, omg can you imagine I actually felt paiseh and refused to go to that "romantic" place, so not me! So I said, let's go back to his house and give me surprise there. I knew it's a cake lar, but still, it's the thought that counts. Without me realizing it was already 12am, out of a sudden, the computer room went dark (before that I was still sedap-sedap online), he and his sister sang a happy birthday song while holding the cake. It's a love-shaped chocolate cake, from how he chose the cake, I knew he was thoughtful enough!

Me holding the birthday cake!

He was laughing at me while I was cam-whoring with my beloved cake.

Yeah~ a birthday kiss says it all =)

On the second day, we went back to Malacca and celebrate. A simple one, I requested.
That ended my day becoming 20. Seriously, spending my every birthday is a bliss to me.

Thank you, baby!

And, I would like to thank those who wished me via:
1. Phone calls: Priscilla, Sam, Foo Seong, Fongta, Chia Yih(all the way from India), Michelle

2. SMS-es: Wendy, Wee Nee, Yong Zhou, Kang Yun, Wei Honn, Vanessa, Tze Wei, Serene, Siew Bee, Elicia, Ah Bie, Jo Anne, Brandon, Christopher, Kian Perng, Crystal, Wei korkor, Melissa, 5th aunt, Kei Fai, Nicholase, Kai Jia, Shih Jia, Yong Kang, Ah Piang, Mun Loong, Qin Yee, Kai Siong, Carlyn(all the way from Australia)

3. MSN: Poh Joo

4. Friendster: My sister(Suzanne), Han Ni, Su Geok, Hui Ni, Kan Yuen, Alice, Ker Hoon, Lee Hong, Ah San, Fannie, Naughty Milky, Yumako, Janice, Avis, Philip, Micky, Jia Yin, Jing Ying, 傻瓜FOOL, Qian Hui, See, Michelle, Amy Chin, Mei Ying, Sophia.

Please tell me if I missed out your name(s).

Thank you everyone!

p.s. yea, I changed my blog skin again! Drop me comments k??

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 6:57:00 am

Friday, 9 May 2008
♥ 4:44:00 am

I am satisfied!

1. Finally gao tim my last assignment before having my final exam..!

Data Structure, I am going to fail you, may God bless me!

2. Finished distributing flyers for Regal Park

Tiring but nice experience chasing by mad dog! LOL...

I am enjoying this moment listening to Singapore chinese radio-fm online(U-fm 1003) and doing assignment/ blogging, spending the night alone, no one else. The feeling is so nice, and I am really into in to the extend that I refuse to sleep... The sentiment is indescribable, am on cloud nine right now and I even think I am exam-free. It is indeed very relaxing. Maybe you can try studying with it, too. For those who are interested, click.

I hope that night will never fall,
I hope I could stop the time now,
I hope I am forever on cloud nine.

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 4:44:00 am

Wednesday, 7 May 2008
♥ 3:15:00 pm

Sorry for disappearing myself for so long time...

My PC at home spoiled(actually not spoiled, it's just me being lazy to change the freaking battery for my CPU). It's hard for me to blog without photoshop. So I'm SORRY. Plus now I will be having my final exam soon (starts from 12/5 - 23/5), during this period I believe I have no chance to blog because I freaking haven't even touched anything yet! So have to study like hell... During holidays I believe I can blog, again...
Hope that my laziness will not overtake my eagerness to blog!!


p.s. by the way, is my new blog skin nice? Please give some comment ya?
And can someone teach me how to put in archives in my blog?

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 3:15:00 pm

Wednesday, 16 April 2008
Trailer -- Prom Night 2008 [MYSTIQUE]
♥ 4:03:00 pm

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 4:03:00 pm

Tuesday, 8 April 2008
♥ 10:37:00 pm

is fragile...

Since friendship is a hot topic among my gang now, I should also voice out some of my opinions here! Everyone has friends; but you will never know who's true to you and who's fake to you. I always treat my friends nicely, for those whom I treated badly, there must be some reasons behind, so don't ever accuse me without any evidence! I love all my friends, and I know I can't live without them, although there are some hi-bye friends...

For those we were so close yet now has became like stranger, I feel regret to not take the initiative to ever chat with them in MSN, because I know I cannot accept the fact that I am losing them and if they ever reply me in cold tone, I will think much about it... And start thinking they dislike me and think that I am so annoying...

For those friends I've hurt, I have to say sorry. Those who know me well should know about my hot temper, but usually I do not show it to my friends frequently, only some special person can see that side of me... I am now much regret for showing my temper to someone that I am losing now, it seems like he does not trust me at all now, and we are now those I categorize as "hi-bye" friends... It is quite saddening for me when I ever got to know this...

we don't choose their colours,
we don't judge them by characters;
but to accept the entire them,
because no one is perfect...

It is so amazing when you got to know someone from the whole world, I do not know the exact population, but I think this is a rare chance for me and you becoming friends, I call it "destiny", and I do believe God arranged and it's destined that we are friends. I cherish all my friends as time flies, and I found myself grown up to someone you might not think you know me, and yes, I have changed! Now, I want to cherish all my friends including those "hi-bye"friends and also "stranger" friends, and I have taken the first step - to take the initiative to talk through MSN, although I did not really get the result I wanted, but it did not discourage me but it's encouraging me because I know I must have determination in saving friendships that I am losing...

I miss you, my friends...

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 10:37:00 pm

♥ 5:42:00 pm

I write this entry to apologize to someone I care for. It was because of a very sensitive issue -- money. I have to admit that it was my fault, but I swear to heaven and hell, I did not do it on purpose. I am always absent-minded. I think I shall buy one book specially to record all my debts because I always forget.. And my blog readers, if I ever happen to owe you money, please do inform me, I will pay you immediately! But I can understand why she was so pissed at me because she reminded me loads of times, maybe about 10 times from the Thursday before the mid-term break. It actually took me very long to collect all the money, too. But that is not important...

When I realized she's angry at me, I found it was too late. To show my sincerity, I cracked my mind and finally I drove to her house and pay the money to her boyfriend; I feel guilty.

She stands a very significant and vital position in my heart; we used to share experiences in relationship, to tell secrets and laughed out loudly, to discuss some silly issues. Now, I still hope that we don't change, and this friendship shall remain. She is a very good friend; she always lends a helping hand whenever I needed her help... And I still hope for the same.

I am worried and troubled by this. Whenever I make someone mad at me, I will feel the same as long as he/she stands a place in my heart. I hope that she will forgive me.. Hereby I would like to apologize to her in public...

I'm sorry, Leah.

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 5:42:00 pm

Monday, 7 April 2008
[Advertisement] Deli n' Fun
♥ 2:17:00 am

Cyber P Project
Deli n' Fun

7-9 April 08
10a.m. - 5p.m.
Stall 18, President Square MMU Malacca
What to sell?

  • Fried Mee Hoon/Noodle RM1.50
  • Herbal egg (A grade egg) RM0.80
  • Curry Fish Ball 4 for RM1.00
  • Sandwiches: i. Egg: RM1.50 ii. Tuna: RM2.00
  • "7 Zai" Luk Luk RM 1.00/stick
  • Drinks: i. Longan "Gui Ling Gao" RM1.00 ii. Soya RM1.00
  • Exclusive: CJ7 doll -- "7 Zai"
What are you waiting for?
Grab your favorite economic food @ STALL 18 President Square!!

。◕‿◕。 by girlny @ 2:17:00 am

Wednesday, 2 April 2008
Genting Trip [18-19 March 2008]
♥ 10:52:00 pm

I know it's a bit late to post this... But I was busy with exams and assignments!! Don't blame me kays??

One fine day, Ah Wee suddenly asked us whether wanted to go Genting or not... Actually wanted to go Redang, but it was too late to plan for that because it was only few days away from the mid-term break.

On Monday night(17/4) 8.30p.m. my bf and I went from Muar to Malacca in Tian Yih's car. (Actually we fetched my sister to MMU in the afternoon and went back Muar at 6p.m.) About 9.30p.m. we went to Jusco to grab some food/tidbits since food in Genting is super expensive! The next day we went breakfast at 9a.m. because our bus was at 10.30a.m. At last, Hubert, Ah Wee, Tian Yih, me and my boyfriend went there from Malacca in "707" bus which cost us freaking RM35 each person; but overall it was quite comfy lar...

Day 1
We reached Genting at 1.30p.m. and met Yi Fan. After that went and met my dearest Pris Pris,for so long I've never seen her since she started working as Secretary in GICC,Genting; too bad did not take a photo of her, she's seriously became prettier than ever! Muax!

After that we checked into Theme Park Hotel room 9208.

The scenery from this room was too breathtaking! There's a park when you look from the window, I could see couple "pat toh-ing" all the time.
Too bad we had no time to even go there pat toh... At least we went once on Christmas 2006, LOL!!

Took bath in the hotel, so refreshing!
Then we went out and walked around Genting.. We went and find the rest of them but could not get even though they told us the place... =.= Then we tried entering Casino, but failed.

At night, I met up with Pris again, catch up a bit with her latest storiessss... Missing the girls' talk time... When everyone starts busy with own stuffs, I guess we can even hardly gather, just hope that we will still keep in touch and the true friendship remains. Fyi, I know her since primary 1, it's long enough to be called true friendship, I think. How bout u, Pris?

Back to the story, when the short gathering with my soulmate, I got to know the rest had gone into Casino, left Tian Yih and Ah Wee with immature cute faces outside wandering. I went meet up with them both, and I tried again entering Casino, I was stopped by the guard, so embarrassing lar!! We had nothing to do so we went back to our room. Immediately I bathed in the bath tub again, I tell you it was so comfy when you soak yourself inside the hot water with the cold weather...! I was playing inside for about 1/2 hour, too bad, no photo for that! After me, it was Tian Yih who went in, I could tell how satisfied he was after bathing! LOL... Then I prepared the bathing water for my boyfriend so that he did not have to wait after he came back from Casino. Ain't I sayang him so much?? *haa-haa, shy*

Before we slept, it was photo shooting session lar... And these are some of the pictures =)
Take 1: Baby being naughty =)

Take 2: Baby not looking at the camera, on purpose!

Take 3: Finally done! A flawless one =)

Credit goes to Tian Yih =)

You know...
I just adore the carpet...

Then we slept. The next morning, I was wakened up by his sneezing sound. My baby is scared of coldness all the time... *pat pat, fragile nose*

Day 1
At around 10a.m. we went for breakfast buffet at Happy Valley Restaurant(located at the lobby of Theme Park Hotel). We got 4 free voucher when we did the room reservation, so we just divided fairly and each person only paid RM10 for a sumptuous meal.. But the cashier was so rude to me! The variety of food was limited, too! Overall I was very satisfied with the food but NOT the service! Too bad I have no pictures for that...

We took bath before checking out at 12p.m. I did not care whether there's not enough time, I had to bathe in the bath tub! And I was happy that I did! Although not as fun as the previous night, but I was satisfied =) LOL... And poor them have to wait for me because I was overwhelmed and forgot the time and I made everyone waited for me...and Sorry!! =( I know they are all kind-hearted and won't be so calculative with me!! Hehe ^^

After checking out, we "tumpang" our bags in one special counter which located at the lobby too! The hotel was good enough to provide this kind of free service, I like it~ Without any burden, we can play as much as we can in Genting Theme Park
!! 7 of us went in -- Me, Baby, Tian Yih, Hubert, Ah Wee, Raymond, and Yi Fan. 5 of us got half-price ticket from Pris. Thanks to her so much and each of us only paid RM19!! WOW, such a good bargain and don't get jealous~ Get someone who works in Genting and you can also pay half price!! Anyway, it was quite rainy and foggy that day.. Too bad we only got to try a few games.. All thanks to the "perfect weather" which rained and stopped and rained and stopped and.......grrrrrh!!

While waiting for them to decide whether to enter Theme Park..

I took it from some recommended spot by Konica =)
Isn't the painting of First World Hotel nice??

I was the photographer, I guess I am a good one! Aint I?
It was the 1st thing they tried -- scary flying swings!!

Salute them!
I will NEVER EVER try this!!
It is like asking me to die!!

A random picture taken while waiting for the rain to stop.

An incomplete group picture
Anyway, you can see Hubert was quite ready..^^

The picture of the day!

Are you laughing? And must be thinking what's wrong with those guys??
The answer is...
They were trying to imitate some girls behind them!
Too bad you can't see the girls...
They are all cute ones, aren't they??

Why everyone must take picture of the phone booth and the London bus in Genting?

I stood on the bench b'cos I was too short, but Baby took this...
I really think his sense of art increased!

I did not get to play most of the exciting games b'cos I was too timid...
So considerate Baby accompany me to sit this -- Antique car!!

In the antique car, Baby took it and he was funny!

I took this and both of us looked good! ^^
Get what am I trying to say??

It was too foggy till we could not even see things within 5meters' distance.. Quite dangerous right...? So we were having headache on deciding whether to stay for another day or go back to Malacca.. We went back to the hotel and took our bag, and I took the chance to ask the reception whether was there any other way to go back in this situation. So he suggested using cable car, and we had no choice but to follow. Quite scary when there's wind, the system will automatically stop all the cable cars, imagine we are all halfway hanging and the cable car was swinging!! OMG! I was freaked out!! Anyway, there's always pictures pictures pictures!!!

Nice tropica!

Funny Cute Baby!

He's always the one who comforts me when I need him...


Genting, I was here...
And I will be back!!

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